Rabbi Eli Itzkowitz, Menahel

Rabbi Eli Itzkowitz, a Baltimore native, joined us from Chicago, where he was a Rebbe at Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi for thirteen years. Rabbi Itzkowitz’s classroom is a remarkable place where children learn to associate Torah and Mitzvos with simcha, excitement and success. He is known for developing warm, genuine relationships with his talmidim and taking interest in enabling every talmid to reach his full potential. Rabbi Itzkowitz’s specialized skills include teaching kriah (reading), mentoring junior rebbeim, differentiated teaching, social skills development, and techniques in AP (active participation). He participated in numerous specialized training courses under the auspices of the Associated Talmud Torah’s of Chicago, from whom he earned teacher certification and tenure. Rabbi Itzkowitz is a graduate of the Torah Educator’s Institute in Har Nof, Jerusalem, directed by Rabbi Hillel Mandel. He was the director of Pirchei Chicago and has been the director of a highly successful boys summer camp for the past ten years. Rabbi Itzkowitz learned at Yeshiva of Long Beach, Yeshivas Ner Yisroel, Bais Midrash Govoha, and Yeshivas Mir Yerushalayim.

Rabbi Eliyahu Mandel, Second Grade Rebbe

We are excited to welcome Rabbi Eliyahu Mandel to Baltimore. His love of children, warmth of personality, and strong desire for continuous growth make him an outstanding addition to the Yeshivas Toras Simcha family.

Mrs. Suri Teitelbaum, Second Grade English teacher

Mrs. Suri Teitelbaum has many successful years of experience teaching lower elementary English. She is known for using her creativity to achieve a high level of academic success with the children.

Rabbi Tuvia Tessler, First Grade Rebbe

Rabbi Tuvia Tessler is a natural for his new position. He has an incredible, innate understanding of children and tending to their needs. We can’t wait to have him. He makes learning exciting and with such a natural love of children.

Mrs. Shoshi Agular, English Studies Coordinator and First Grade English teacher

Mrs. Shoshi Agular has much academic success in English studies with students. Her classroom is always filled with children learning, laughing, and thinking outside the box throughout the afternoon.

Miss Bracha Jurkowitz, Pre-1A Limudei Kodesh Morah

Miss Bracha Jurkowitz is an exciting and passionate teacher who finds a way to give every boy what he needs academically, socially, and emotionally; letting no one fall through the cracks.

Mrs. Elisheva Jacobs, Pre-1A Limudei Chol Morah

Mrs. Elisheva Jacobs is soft and loving. She manages to pack in a full afternoon with hands-on activites and projects in a way that excites the kinderlach.

Mrs. Miriam Oratz, Nursery Morah

Mrs. Miriam Oratz exudes warmth and love, and creates a beautiful atmosphere where children can really thrive. She has a tremendous amount of patience and will give each child the amount of attention they need to be able to grow and flourish. Her soft, yet confident, nature gives children the security and knowledge that she is a morah that loves them, yet she will give them instructions for how to listen and follow directions.